It's been a while since the site was updated, but here is an assortment of paintings from 2011 to 2013. Social networking and mobile phones feature in this new work.. the couples and groups are no longer interacting, but isolated by frantic chatting
to absent others. There are weddings, births, bookclubs, holidays and dreams as well.


Bride Crossing cafe chat

Book Club75cmX75

Bride Crossing SOLD Cafe Chat SOLD can't come 2nite c u 2 moro 1.1mX1m $1850
communication Catching Up

Quantum of Solace
75x75cm $1750 sold

Clutch1x1.1m$1850 Communication
1.1X1.1m $1850
Catching Up
1.1X1.1m $1850
Champagne Stakes Comfort Zone Fishing for compliments Great Escape
Champagne Stakes
750X750 $1750
Comfort Zone SOLD Fishing for Compliments SOLD The Great Escape SOLD
Getting to know You
1X1m $1800

Making Waves
700X700 $1500

Ocean Views
1X1m $$1800
Playing Nicely SOLD
Sandy SOLD Summer Daze
1.1X1.1m $1850
Loves of our Lives SOLD Wave SOLD
Bemused 1.1X1m $1800 SOLD Cloud Nine SOLD Dreaming of Mr Right
1.1X1.1 SOLD
Getting Serious
1.2 X1.1 SOLD
My (K)night on a White Charger$2000 Muse 1.1X1m SOLD The Kreutzer Sonata
1.2X1.2 SOLD
You're Breaking Up
75X75cm $1750
Attack SOLD Farm Memories SOLD My (K)night on a White Charger 75X75
Working it Out 75x75
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