I live and work in Christmas Hills, a bush haven on the edge
of the Yarra Valley.

My paintings are large and colourful, and can be dynamic or gently whimsical. They are fun to do, and generally make people smile.

I call my work 'Art to Live With", as the paintings can cheer up a dull day! I mainly paint people being people, but have been known to do the odd landscape.

I love painting voluptuous Wonder Women who are happy in their own being and in control of their lives.

I have been doing a Music Series for some time, as I like the energy and passion in music, and the stories behind the performance. I try to make you see the music.

The Social Networking, and Fire Series are more recent, as is the Photoshop Collages exhibited in thr 2016 exhibition at Fad Gallery in Melbourne

Many of the titles are a play on words... a glimpse into a parallel universe!
I paint things that amuse me... people being people. Enjoy.

flaut it man-walking-dog mad catter's tea party


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